An Important Message

This is to inform you of an incident that occurred at Turkey Hill Middle School immediately prior to dismissal yesterday.  

A bullet was discovered in a hallway of the school by an administrator.     The Lunenburg Police Department was immediately notified and they responded to the school and began an investigation.    To ensure that no other articles of this nature were in the building, the Lunenburg Police Department in conjunction with the Massachusetts State Police and Worcester Police department conducted a search of the building yesterday and an additional search this morning.   Police personnel and three K-9 units trained to locate incendiary devices conducted the searches.  No additional items were found.  School will resume as usual on Monday morning.   

The middle school administration and the Lunenburg Police Department will continue their investigations in this matter to determine how the bullet came to school.  If you or your child has any information please contact Mr. Santry or the Lunenburg Police Department immediately.

We share this information not to alarm you, but to inform you of the work being done to keep everyone safe in our schools. As always the safety of the children is our highest priority.  It is imperative that children not have unsupervised access to these types of items.   Keeping our children, schools, and community safe is everyone’s responsibility.  

Thank you,

Superintendent Calmes

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