Bullying Prevention & Intervention

Anyone can report bullying: even anonymously

Anyone can make a report:

1. by completing the Bullying Reporting & Incident Reporting Form

2. OR via a message at our designated voicemail box at 978.582.4100 Extension 216

3. OR via mail to:

    • Harassment/Equity Coordinator
    • Superintendent’s Office
    • 1025 Massachusetts Ave.
    • Lunenburg, MA 01462

4. OR via dedicated email address: Harassment_Coordinator@lunenburgonline.com

Thank for your efforts in keeping our schools environment a safe and respectful place for all. If you are calling to make a report about bullying or harassment please leave your name and phone number and you will be contacted. If you wish to make an anonymous report, please provide the following information:

  • Name of Target of the behavior
  • Name of Aggressor (Person who engaged in the behavior)
  • Date(s) of Incident(s)
  • Time When Incident(s) Occurred
  • Location of Incident(s) (Be as specific as possible

Additional information on this important topic can be found at Bullying Prevention and Intervention Resources and Stop Bullying Now