Emails to Lunenburg Faculty, Admin & Students

Knowing when to use vs School Email Accounts

There has been some confusion about how to send emails in recent years. This system has not changed. With only a handful of exceptions, e-mail addresses for teachers and administrators are

Check the Directory of Staff below for a full directory of all Lunenburg Public School administrators, faculty and staff. The spreadsheet may be sorted by name, school and position.

Student Email Accounts

Students in grades 6 - 12 have Google email accounts that end in

  • Students in grades 6 - 8 have closed access Google email accounts. This means that they can only send and receive emails from teachers, administrators, Lunenburg district students and a small handful of technology programs (such as Google Classroom and Scratch)

  • Students in grades 9 - 12 have full access Google email accounts

  • Almost all student email accounts follow the format YOG+student first name+first initial of student last

      • an example would be

      • in some rare instances where there are more than one student with similar names in a grade, a student's middle initial may also be used when creating the account

Teacher, Staff & Administrator Email Accounts

All teachers, staff and administrators in the Lunenburg Public Schools have email accounts through Addition Networks that end in

The Addition Network email is the official, compliant email network for the Lunenburg Public Schools. Messages sent through this system are archived per laws and regulations. These email accounts end in All emails to and from teachers, staff and administrators should originate from the Addition Network email accounts.

Teachers, staff and administrators also have access to Google Mail accounts in order to receive notifications when documents are shared with them or if they have been added to meetings through Google Calendar.

However, all teachers, staff and administrators should be forwarding the Google Mail messages into their Addition Network email accounts. It is very easy for students to accidentally email the teacher Google account instead of the Addition Networks email. But with the Google Mail forwarded properly, no emails or shared notifications will be missed and all emails will be archived properly.*

Forwarding Email Accounts

Students and staff have the ability to forward their school Google Mail to another email account that is checked more frequently

Teachers, staff and administrators must forward their school Google Mail account to their Addition Network account.

* Sample signature block explaining the legal

"The contents of this e-mail and any attachments are the property of the Town of Lunenburg including the Lunenburg School District and subject to the Public Records Law, M.G.L. c. 66, § 10. When writing or responding, please remember that the Secretary of State's Office has determined that email is a public record and not confidential. To conform to federal mandates, the Town of Lunenburg and Lunenburg Public School District archives all electronic messages and Internet activity for a minimum of 7 years."