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Lunenburg School Linked Services / Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Program

This program offers families, and other caregivers services for those caring for children birth-age 8. We offer support for children and their families through strength-based family support programming: Interactive, intentional parent/child playgroups, field trips and educational programs, information and referrals to community resources, parent education, early education literacy events, STEM workshops, Ages and Stages Questionnaire,and linkages to comprehensive services to support optimal child development for families and early education and care programs, including intentional support into kindergarten.

Our Coordinated Family & Community Engagement Program receives support and funding from the MA Department of Early Education and Care. Our services are free and open to families. Research shows that children are more successful in school in their social-emotional development when families are engaged in their children's early learning and development.

Parent/Child Interactive Playgroups meet weekly and are drop-in (no pre-registration is required) for children birth-age 5 on Mondays at the Lunenburg Library 10:30-11:30 and Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30-11:30 am at

TC Passios. We follow the school calendar, no groups when school is not in session. Office hours are throughout the summer and programs are advertised regularly.

For more information or assistance, contact our office at T.C. Passios.

We hope this email finds you all well. There has been continued turmoil throughout our world and we realize how difficult these times are for all of us. We are all trying to find some commonality and way of understanding how to deal with everything. Please know that if you need to chat, need information & referral or resources, we are available.

We will once again be offering a live interactive playgroup this Friday June 5th @ 10:00 am with Meghan and myself. On Friday June 12th our live group will be a send off to those children who will be graduating from our program and moving to Kindergarten in the Fall. We want to make sure that we provide a celebratory transition for each of these children. If you are interested in joining the other families who have been involved past few weeks, please send a message to me and I will add your name to the Google Meet Invitation. Also, we hope that you have enjoyed watching our STEM and Circle Time FB and Youtube videos with Denise and Meghan.

As always, we continue to offer the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and now parents have the ability to access through a Parent Portal. If you are interested in completing this very useful developmental tool with your child I have included the information that you need to access. For those of you who have already completed the developmental screening I have added a link for the Social-Emotional test if you would now like to complete. The data from these tests enables the state to develop and implement programs that are useful to families and programs such as ours.

or for the social emotional questionnaire

We wanted to include this site for some reading material that are child friendly that we accessed from WGBH.

One more resource that you may find helpful in strengthening your child's social skills

Research from Harvard University suggests that children as young as three years old, when exposed to racism and prejudice, tend to embrace and accept it, even though they might not understand the feelings. By age 5, white children are strongly biased towards whiteness. To counter this bias, experts recommend acknowledging and naming race and racism with children as early and as often as possible. Children’s books are one of the most effective and practical tools for initiating these critical conversations; and they can also be used to model what it means to resist and dismantle oppression.​

Sending Peace and Love to each of you.

Patty & Meghan


**We have added a new component to our remote programming:

We have added a Parent Portal for the Ages & Stages Screening Questionnaire that you may complete at home with your child. Many of you have already completed during our parent/child programs, however many have not. You may also complete an updated ASQ if it has been some time since the original one was done. This developmental screening tool is quick and allows families to learn more about their child's developmental progress.

The attached flyer has the site to enter.

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