Employee Handbook

NEW Employee Handbook under development (Summer 2019)

In an effort to provide employees with information and connections to information this handbook is continually evolving. If you have any questions regarding its content or it does not contain answers to your employment-related questions please contact the School Business Manager or your building administrator.

Accidents/Injuries/Worker's Compensation

Administrative Leave


Assemblies and School Events

Bullying Prevention and Intervention (NEW)

Child Abuse Reporters/Chapter 51A (Child Abuse) Reporting Procedure

Classroom Safety and Setup

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Confidentiality and Privacy

Course Reimbursement and Notice of Anticipated Degree Advancement

Discipline and Students with Special Needs

Dissemination of Information

Electronic Communication of Student/Staff Information & Social Networking (NEW)

Employee Absence/Paid Leave (Sick, Personal, Bereavement, Vacation)

Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Categories

Employee Handbook - Cover Page

Employee IDs

Employment Procedures/CORI

Equal Employment Opportunity and Work-Related Laws/Statutes

Extra-curricular, Grant-related, and Coaching Employment Opportunities and Stipends

Family and Medical Leave Act

Fire Drills/Emergency Procedures

Grading and Reporting Policy

Grievances and Staff Complaints

Handbook Acknowledgement Form

Handbook Letter from Superintendent of Schools

Health Insurance/Dental Insurance/COBRA

Induction (Mentor) Program

Introduction/Lunenburg Background

Jury Duty

Leaving the Building during the School Day

Life Insurance Plans/Disability Plans

Lunenburg School Committee

Mandatory Medicare Coverage

Massachusetts Educators Licenses

Maternity Leave Act, Massachusetts General Laws

Mileage Reimbursement

Military Leave

Mission and Vision Statements

Non-School Employment by Professional Staff


Pay Procedures

Personnel Files

Physical Restraint of Students (NEW)

Reference Checks

Release of Staff Information

Repairs and Maintenance (Facility and Technology)

Retirement Plan/Group Membership

Salute to the Flag

School Closings

School Nurse

School/Room Keys

Section 504 Policy Statement/Section 504/Title II Grievance Procedure

Sexual Harassment Policy

"Small Necessities" Leave Act

Smoking/Use of Tobacco Products, Alcohol Use, and Drug Use

Standards of Conduct--Computer Use, Internet and Email Use

Standards of Conduct--Conflict of Interest and Hiring of Relatives

Standards of Conduct--Employee Arrest

Standards of Conduct--Employee Dress/Adornment/Grooming/Personal Hygiene (NEW)

Standards of Conduct/Ethical Behavior/State Ethics Commission Mandatory Education/Training

Standards of Conduct--Respectful Climate

Standards of Conduct--Solicitation and/or Distribution

Standards of Conduct--Staff Participation in Political Activities

Standards of Conduct--Workplace Violence

Storing of Personal Items at Work

Student Records Policy and Special Education

Substitute Teachers/Student Teachers

Summer and Summer Vacation Hours and Building Access

Tax-sheltered Annuities (TSAs)/Deferred Compensation Plans

Termination of Employment (Resignations) (NEW)

Texting Ban Applicable to Employees Driving on the Job (NEW)


Transporting of Students

Trash Disposal/Recycling (NEW)

Unemployment Benefits

Use of School Property

Vision Statement