Facility Usage Policy & Rates

School Facility Usage & Instructions POLICY

All requests for scheduling school facilities will be online through SchoolDude. We will no longer process paper requests for facilities scheduling.

School Organizations:

This is the same program we use for work orders so you will see a new tab on the site for scheduling facilities. Internal School users have already been added to the list of organizations. If you need to add an organization please contact John Londa.

Outside Organizations:

Outside organizations such as scout troops will need to request to have their organization added and a separate e-mail with directions for them will be available.

Facilities Contact:

School Facilities Usage Policy

The school facilities exist and are maintained to support the educational mission of the Lunenburg Public Schools. The School Committee recognizes that the taxpayers of Lunenburg provide significant support for the construction and maintenance of the school facilities, it is the policy of the School Committee to permit the use of the school facilities by reputable and responsible organizations within the School District, subject to the control of the Lunenburg School Committee and to such conditions and regulations as it may establish.

No such use of school facilities, however, shall at any time be allowed to interfere with or limit the regular work or extra-curricular activities of the school program, or of classes or activities of the school program, or of classes or activities conducted under the direction of the Lunenburg School Committee.