2019-2020 Additional Extended Day Options

June 21, 2019 Email Message to Parents:

As there has been some confusion regarding the Extended Day Before/After School Options presented in previous emails, we are providing you with a document outlining each option NB-c- Before_After School Options.pdf .

To clarify, these options are in addition to the regular Extended Day registration, in order to provide families with additional options if needed per the discussion at the recent parent forum in May.

Parents can decide to choose which Before/After School option fits their needs, or to register for the regular Extended Day Program.

June 19, 2019 Email Message to Parents:

At the School Committee meeting this evening 6/19/19, Options A and B of the Extended Day Program were approved. Attached are both registrations for the Late Pick-Up option Lunenburg Late Pick Up Registration.pdf as well as the Early Drop-Off.Option LUNENBURG EARLY DROP OFF REGISTRATION.pdf

If families are interested in either options, we ask that registration forms be completed and submitted to Central Office in the T.C. Passios Elementary School Building by Wednesday, June 26th at 5pm.

Parents will receive notification by July 1st of their placement status.