Superintendent's Update April 1, 2016

Post date: Apr 1, 2016 8:20:09 PM

Superintendent’s Update April 1, 2016

Heidi Champagne Appointed Turkey Hill Elementary Principal

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Heidi Champagne to the position of Turkey Hill Elementary School Principal. Ms. Champagne was a elementary teacher for 14 years. Prior to moving into an assistant principal’s position for grades PK-7 she taught middle school. For the past three years she has served as the assistant principal of the Turkey Hill Middle School grades 4-7. In addition to her teaching experience in Lunenburg Ms. Champagne also taught at St. Bernard’s, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and in the Fitchburg Public Schools. She has been recognized for teaching excellence by the Great Books Foundation and also has experience and interest in instructional technology.

When the district was reconfigured four years ago, Ms. Champagne supported students, parents, faculty and staff in the transition. I am confident that her leadership qualities and problem solving skills will ensure an equally smooth transition this fall for grades 3-5. Ms. Champagne focuses on providing a positive, healthy school climate, high standards, and accountability. She has the ability to motivate and support students, faculty and staff. She has a passion for engaging students, collaborating with parents and communicating effectively with the community.

Ms. Champagne will assume her official duties July 1, 2016. She will be, however, responsible for current transition planning and events starting immediately.

Save These Dates – July 13 & 14 are the dates for Turkey Hill Elementary School Playground Community Build. Volunteers are needed to assist with a variety of tasks related to the installation of the new playground. Additional information will be provided at a later date.

Lunenburg School Committee Meeting April 6, 2016 7:00 Town Hall - Televised

The School Committee will hear a presentation from Lunenburg educators Cynthia Rosancrans and Laura Wyld regarding supports and services for English language learners. Primary School Principal, Elaine Blaisdell and educators Justin Sparks and Jackie Favreau will also be present to share some exciting opportunities at the Primary School for the upcoming school year. Also on the agenda are some donations and the second reading of the revised facilities use policy 1202 Facilities Use Revised for Second Reading.pdf

Last Chance for Tickets!

Parents Night Out scheduled for Saturday, April 02, 2016 at the Leominster Elks Lodge, from 7:00-11:30 p.m. Please be advised that this is an ADULT ONLY fundraiser. Tickets can be purchased at:

Thank You to Principal Search Committee

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following parents and faculty once again that devoted their time and served on the elementary principal search committee: Timothy Santry- THMS Principal, Wendy Bertrand, Camilla Thompson, Karma Tousignant, Dawn- Marie Ayles, Rhonda Connery, Ami Powers, Amy Jones and Heather Witham.


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