APPENDIX E--Sample Pay Stub



Above is a facsimile of the current paycheck format.  While the format is the same for all employees and many of the deductions listed in the sample are standard, each employee’s pay stub reflects his/her personal deductions as well as information that is position-specific (i.e. vacation hours).


Please note that there are two columns listing the same deductions—one column represents the current pay-period deductions while the “Year-To-Date” column provides calendar-year totals. In the sample above you will note that the some of the year-to-date deductions do not appear in the current deductions column.  Once deductions for the month or for the year have been satisfied they do not appear in the current deductions column, but the YTD column continues to provide this information.  In this example, deductions were not made for two life insurance policy premiums--Life Basic and Vol L 15 ND.


Employees can find vacation (applicable employees only), sick, and personal leave balances in the bottom right column labeled “Remaining Balance.”  Please note in the column labeled “Accrual Usage” that each of the categories (VACA, SICK, PERS) listed is followed by the letter “H”.  This designation indicates that the accruals for this employee are recorded in hours rather than days.  All school employees’ accruals are recorded in hours except for teachers—teacher accruals continue to be recorded in days.


If you have any questions regarding payroll deductions or vacation, sick, or personal leave accruals, please contact the School Personnel Services Manager.