Standards of Conduct--Solicitation and/or Distribution

Solicitation and/or Distribution

District policy (1103) states, Distribution of notices by non-school organizations or on non-school matters shall be permitted only under the following conditions:


Such notices may be distributed only with the Superintendent’s or his/her designee’s authorization.  Notices should be submitted for approval 1 week prior to distribution.  Those seeking approval are advised not to print multiple copies of a flyer for which they are seeking approval prior to receiving approval for distribution.


Such notices shall relate to activities for school children.


Such notices shall be those of non-profit community organizations such as the churches, the library, the Scouts and similar organizations.


No teacher or principal shall communicate, distribute, or permit another person to communicate or distribute, to any school any notice relating to other than school matters without first obtaining the Superintendent’s or designee’s permission. Unless authorized by the Superintendent or Building Principal the subscription or collection of money, photographing of pupils, securing the names of pupils or transacting any private business is prohibited on school property. (Approved July 16, 2007).