Classroom Safety and Setup

Classroom Safety and Setup

Fire safety remains a substantial concern in Massachusetts public buildings. Employees must be vigilant of electrical safety, combustible materials, egress ways, chemical safety, and environmental controls. Regarding electrical safety, please do not plug power strips into other power strips, coil electrical lines, or use extension cords in lieu of permanent wiring.  Also, please keep cords out of walkways to prevent tripping hazards and watch for damaged or old appliances that do not have ground wires.


Regarding combustible materials, please do not bring upholstered furniture, carpeting, curtains or other materials to school unless they meet fire code standards. These items must be removed from classrooms unless certificates of flammability and/or the item tags indicate they comply with NFPA 260-1989 Class 1. Copies of these certificates must be sent to the Director of Facilities.


Please keep egress pathways clear. A three-foot wide path is generally acceptable in most situations.

An aisle along the outside wall of the classroom should be maintained to provide an alternate exit should the main hallway be inaccessible.  Do not block doorways.


The school department purchases cleaning materials that employees may use.  These materials can be obtained from the school custodians. For everyone’s safety we ask employees not to bring cleaning materials to school from home, as all cleaning products must have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on file.  The head custodian in each building maintains a MSDS file which he/she can provide to the Fire Department upon request.  A substantial fine could result should a safety inspection reveal the use of a product that does not have a MSDS on file.


Please leave the area on the unit ventilator clear so that it can function properly.  Each classroom has an exhaust grill located on the lower part of the wall that works in conjunction with the unit ventilator to cool the room. Please do not block these grills.  Also, do not position computers below the thermostat as the heat from the computer could interfere with the thermostat function.


Each teacher is responsible for classroom setup.  Classroom setup should incorporate the safety measures outlined above and the regulations of the Lunenburg Fire Department.  Although custodians are responsible for daily classroom cleaning, teachers should leave their classrooms in a manner, which facilitates cleaning. 


Please check with the building administrator for end-of-the-school-year classroom closing procedures.