Employee Absence/Paid Leave (Sick, Personal, Bereavement, Vacation)

Employee Absence

Employees should check with their respective building principal or department supervisor regarding absence/tardy call-in procedures. Some of the school employment contracts also outline absence-reporting procedures. 


Paid Leave (Sick, Personal, Bereavement, Vacation)

Sick, personal, bereavement and vacation leave information can be found in employment contracts or employment benefit documents. The town payroll department records sick, personal, and vacation leave and maintains these records.  Teachers’ sick and personal leave is reported/recorded in days.  All other employees’ sick, personal, and vacation (if applicable) leave is reported/recorded in hours.  Employee pay stubs reflect available sick, personal and vacation leave.  Please review these numbers on a regular basis and report any discrepancies to the School Personnel Services Manager.


Teacher absences are communicated to the payroll department via the Attendance/Substitute Report that each school submits to the payroll department by way of the Superintendent of Schools.  Non-teaching salaried-staff complete individual absence reports.  All school hourly employees communicate absences on timesheets that are reviewed by the Superintendent and forwarded to the town payroll department biweekly.