Transportation of Students

Transportation of Students

District policy 5411.03 (revised April 26, 2006) provides the following guidance on the transportation of students.


Student Operators

Teachers and administrators are prohibited from allowing students to transport other students to or from school activities, such as field trips and athletic trips, in which the school has the direct responsibility for supervision.


Adult Operators

School buses will be used for the transportation of students participating in co-curricular or extra curricular activities.  However, when buses are not available, private vehicles owned and operated by members of the faculty, staff or others (e.g., parents) may be utilized to transport students to or from school activities that fall within the academic day or extend the school day provided all of the following conditions are met:


1.  The activity has the approval of the Principal.


2.  The owner of the vehicle that is being used to transport students must file evidence with the Superintendent or designee verifying Optional Bodily Injury Insurance coverage on the vehicle in the amounts of $100,000/$300,000 or more and not less than $100,000 for Property Damage Liability.


3.  The parents of students who are transported in this manner will be fully informed as to this means of transportation and will sign a statement to that effect.