Standards of Conduct/Ethical Behavior/State Ethics Commission Mandatory Education/Training

Standards of Conduct

Ethical Behavior

The Lunenburg Public Schools expects its employees to embrace the highest standards in terms of moral, legal, and ethical workplace conduct. Employees questioning the appropriateness of a situation or facing an ethical dilemma should take the following test developed by Nortel Networks to determine if an action is ethical. If you don't feel good about the answers you're giving to the following questions, that's a sign your proposed action may not be appropriate.


The Values Test: Does the action reflect our shared values? Is it honest and truthful? Would I like to see my action become a general industry practice?

The Legal Test: Is the action legal? Will it break any law?

The Impact Test: How will the action affect others? How will I feel about that?

The Policy Test: Is the action in line with policies and procedures?

The Media Test: How would I feel if my action were reported on the front page of the local newspaper? Would I be comfortable explaining my action to my manager? My spouse? My parents? My children?


State Ethics Commission Mandatory Education/Training Requirements for all Public Employees

On July 1, 2009 Governor Patrick signed into law Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009, An Act to Improve the Laws Relating to Campaign Finance, Ethics and Lobbying.  A component of this bill speaks to employee ethics.  In order to ensure understanding and compliance with the law, all public employees must complete the mandatory ethics training online and print out/submit the certification document awarded at the end of the online training to the town clerk or his/her designee.  The town clerk or a representative of his/her office will  advise employees of the submittal procedure and deadline.  For more information you may visit the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission website (  See Appendix I.