Early Learning Center Program Information

Lunenburg Public Schools Early Learning Center

Creative play experiences for children of all ages and skill levels are an integral part of the unique and flexible child care opportunities at the Early Learning Center at the Lunenburg TC Passio’s School. Parents who bring their children to the Early Learning Center can count on a consistently fun, loving, caring, and respectful environment where children feel safe and nurtured. Our goal is to promote the cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth of the children. We believe that children need to interact with both peers and adults as they establish patterns for future success. Our program director, Mrs. Tammy Perry, is EEC (Early Education and Care) certified by the state of Massachusetts and has been working as our Coordinator in our Extended Day Program for the past five years. She has been an employee of the Lunenburg Public School System for 18 years.

Our Early Learning Center is open to children of Lunenburg residents who are 3 or 4 years old, and are not enrolled as students in our Preschool. The program operates in sessions Monday through Friday and is capped at 8:1 adult/student ratio per session (not to exceed 12 students). The slots are filled on a first come/first serve basis. *Parents of children enrolled in our Preschool who would like to have their child participate in this new program in addition to Preschool will be required to pay $15 for the session (and $4.50/hour for Extended Day hours beyond the session), as they will be using an available slot.

Please contact Tammy Perry 978-582-4105 ext.315 or email: tperry@lunenburgonline.com for additional information.

Hours of Operation:

 8:30 - 11:00

  session 1


  lunch ($3.00 for half hour)

 12:00 - 2:30

  session 2

  • $15/session – ($15 for AM and $15 for PM)
  • Billing is monthly

In order to enroll children in the program we require a registration form that includes medical, emergency contact information. Three forms of Lunenburg residency. Additional Information regarding participation in the Early Learning Center will be sent out if needed.

  • Will follow the school calendar
  • The morning session will be cancelled when the Primary School has a delayed start
  • A bus fee could be implemented for preschool children who also attend the Early Learning Center.  Fee to be determined depending on usage.


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