Lunenburg Public Schools Directory of Staff

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Ackerman, Meagan Transitions Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Adamowicz, Joseph  Special Services Tutor  Lunenburg High School 
Adams, Chad Assistant Principal Primary & Turkey Hill Elem Schools 
Anthony, Kristin Grade 2 Special Education Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Arciprete, Carrie 1:2 Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Aro, Debra  Secretary Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Arsenault, Beth Grade 6 Red Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Aulbach, Lisa School Psychologist Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Bakaysa, Lisa Grade 5 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Bankuti, Alexander  Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Barbier, Victoria Grade 2 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Barney, Suzanne  Special Services Lunenburg Primary School 
Barone, Judy Grade 6 Tutor Lunenburg Middle School 
Barry, Michael  Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Bassett, Kristine Grade 6 White Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Beardmore, Jessica  Foreign Language Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Beaudoin, Ann Marie Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Belair, Dana Technology Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Berry, Cathleen  Admin - Secretary Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Bienvenu, Nicole  Grade 1 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Biery, Jeanette  Preschool Teaching Assistant Lunenburg Primary School 
Biery, Jennifer  Science Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Bilotta, Sheila  Kindergarten Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Blaisdell, Elaine Principal Lunenburg Primary School 
Blanchette, Erin Grade 4 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Boone, Steven  Physical Education Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Borneman, Penney  Guidance Secretary/Registrar Lunenburg High School 
Borreson, Sherri Grade 5 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Braman, Karolyn  Cafeteria  Lunenburg Primary School 
Broden, Laurene  Special Services Teaching Assistant Lunenburg Primary School 
Burroughs, Erinanne  English Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Callahan, Julia English Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Calmes, Loxi Superintendent District Office 
Cantatore, Andrew  Math Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Caron, Darlene  1:1 Paraprofessional Lunenburg Middle School 
Catalini, Christine Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Cavaioli, Sue  Guidance Counselor  Lunenburg High School 
Celona, Danielle  Grade 3 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Chait, Jessica Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Champagne, Heidi Principal Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Chapdelaine, Nancy  Grade 2 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Charpentier, Susan Reading Specialist Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Chartrand, Brian  Grade 4 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Cheesman, Ethan Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Clarke, Emily Grade 6 Red Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Cohen, Richard  Science Teacher Lunenburg High School  
Collette, Linda  Grade 8 Teacher  Lunenburg Middle School 
Connery, Rhonda Grade 5 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Cooney, Laurie Administrative Secretary Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Cooney, Tina  Administrative Secretary  Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Cooper, Kerry Data Reporting & Accounts Payable District Office 
Cordeiro, Kathleen  1:1 Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Cormier, Jessica Foreign Language Teacher Lunenburg High & Middle Schools  
Cormier, Meredith  Grade 8 Teacher  Lunenburg Middle School 
Cote, Gina Grade 4 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Cote, Tanner  Evening Custodian Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Cournoyer, Jeff Grade 5 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Courtemanche, Kara Grade 1 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Courtemanche, Maria  Grade 2 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Courtemanche, Melanie  Grade 5 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Courtemanche, Michael Grade 1 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Critchlow, Maggie Speech/Language Pathologist (part-time) Lunenburg Primary School 
Cuddahy, Jamie Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
deBettencourt, Carol Cafeteria  Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
deBettencourt, Tim  Custodian  Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
DeFelice, Christine  Achieve Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Diamantopoulos, Krista Grade 7 Red Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Dionne, Jeff  Guidance Counselor Lunenburg High School 
DiPerri, Nathan  Art Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Drake, Julie  Achieve Lunenburg Primary School 
Dumont, Nicholette  Grade 3 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Dusek, Jayne  Occupational Therapist - COTA Lunenburg Primary School 
Eaton, Tatianna Achieve Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Faro, Kimberly Paraprofessional Lunenburg Primary School 
Favreau, Jacquelyn  Grade 1 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Ferdella, Julie Physical Education Teacher  Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Fernandes, Ana-Sofia Grade 3 Special Education Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Finch, Carolyn  Nurse  Lunenburg High School 
Flynn, Sherri  Preschool Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Ford, Maribeth  Kindergarten Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Foyle, Mary  English Teacher & STEP Coordinator  Lunenburg High School 
Friedman, Mitchel  Science Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Galloway, Denise  Administrative Assistant Lunenburg Primary School 
Gearin, Dawn  Science Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Giuliani, Karyn  Art Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Grebinar, Dawn Grade 7 White Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Green, Terri  Extended Day Coordinator-THES Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Guerra, William Grade 8 Science Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Guimond, Derek Unified Arts Teacher - Physical Education  Lunenburg High School 
Haley, Judy  Cafeteria  Lunenburg Primary School 
Hannigan, Michael  English Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Hanscom, Julianna  Director of Special Services District Office 
Hargreaves, Howard Custodian Turkey Hill Elementary School  
Harmon, Paul English Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Harrington, Amy Grade 3 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Henning, William Evening Custodian Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Henry, Melody Achieve Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Hill, Robert  Science Teacher & VHS Coordinator  Lunenburg High School 
Hitchcock, Debra Grade 4 Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Jones, Amy Grade 4 Special Services Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Jones, Kim Special Services Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Keegan, Anna  Social Studies Teacher - Department Head  Lunenburg High School 
Kenney, Sara  Grade 2 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Kilcommins, Patti  Grade 3 Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Klinger, Theresa 1:1 Paraprofessional Lunenburg Middle School 
Koziol, Joshua  Special Services Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Krafve, Rich  Head Custodian Lunenburg Primary School 
Kromer, Nicole  Special Services Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Lavery, Lisa  Nurse Lunenburg Primary School 
Lavoie, Donna Special Services Lunenburg High School 
LeBlanc, Lisa Grade 6 Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Letendre, Charlotte Grade 4 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Lizek, Maura Grade 6 Special Education Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Londa, John Director of Facilities & Grounds District Office 
Lorenzen, Nadine  Food Service Director District Office 
Lyons, Jaime Special Services Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
MacDougall, Lori  Art Teacher / Library Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Macuga, Timothy  English & Social Studies Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Madrigal, Stephanie  Grade 7 Math/Science Lunenburg Middle School 
Major, Lynn Grade 5 Special Services Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Malandrinos, Steve Director of Information Technology District Office 
Malloy, Jonathan Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Marabello, Lynn Grade 4 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Marple, Elizabeth Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Marrone, Meghan Nurse Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Marshall, Janet  Grade 3 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Martinez, Jose Study Hall Tutor Lunenburg High School 
Martin, Hailee  Social Studies Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
McCluskey, Fran Special Services Secretary District Office 
McColl, Patti  Special Services Teaching Assistant Lunenburg Primary School 
McGrath, Robert  Assistant Principal  Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
McGuire, Katie Nurse Lunenburg Middle School 
McGuirl, Brittany Achieve Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
McGuirl, Dawn  Special Services Tutor  Lunenburg Primary School 
Miller, Jennifer  Math Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Millett, Jaime  Social Worker / Adjustment Counselor Lunenburg High School 
Mobley, Cynthia  Kindergarten Teaching Assistant Lunenburg Primary School 
Mobley, Melanie Grade 7 Special Education Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Mola, Monique  Kindergarten Teaching Assistant Lunenburg Primary School 
Monsini, Kimberly Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Murphy, Ita  Preschool Teacher  Lunenburg Primary School 
Murray, Nancy  Kindergarten Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Muth, Shelley Paraprofessional Lunenburg Primary School 
Nadareski, Daniel Network/Systems Administrator District Office 
Nass, Genn Physical Education Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Nelson, Cheryl Grades 8 & 9 Guidance Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Normandin, Timothy  Social Studies Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Okerman, Gail Grades 4 & 5 Guidance Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Oksanish, Elena Speech Language Pathologist Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Palma, Christa  Grade 1 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Parent, Ashley  Speech/Language Therapist Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Pepoli, Brittany Grade 8 Special Services Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Perry, Tammy Early Learning Center Director District Office 
Petersen, Liz  Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent District Office 
Pichnarcik, Patricia  Cafeteria Manager Lunenburg High School 
Pierce, Judith Wilson Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Pingsterhaus, Craig  Science Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Pochini, Jordan District Technology Support District Office 
Porpora, Maggie  Occupational Therapist Primary & Turkey Hill Elem Schools 
Pouliot, Melanie Grade 6 White Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Proctor, Peggy  Foreign Language Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Pukaite, Alexis  Health Teacher - Unified Arts Dept Head  Lunenburg High School 
Punales-Santiago, Jimena  Foreign Language Teacher Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Raboin, Amy  Grade 8 Teacher  Lunenburg Middle School 
Radford, Lynn  Foreign Language Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Raffaele, Amy Grade 1 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Rash, Karen  Kindergarten Special Services Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Reardon, Susan Grade 6 Red Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Refrigeri, Laura Special Education Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Rios, Jennifer  Physical Ed./Science Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Roberge, Meghan  Grade 4 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Robinson, Kate Achieve Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Roder, Kerry Grade 5 Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Rodrick, Megan Achieve Paraprofessional Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Romano, Sarah Cafeteria Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Rosa, Darren Custodian Lunenburg Primary School  
Rosancrans, Cindy District ELL Teacher District Office 
Ross, Nickolas Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Roy, Rob Facilities District Office 
Sabatini, Sarah Math Teacher - Department Head  Lunenburg High School 
Sampson, Geri Custodian, Head Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Santry, Tim Principal Lunenburg Middle School 
Sauvageau, Kristin  Technology Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Schkuta, Kristi Behavioral Specialist District Office 
Schneider, Joslin  Cafeteria Manager Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Scoggins, Nicholas  District Technology Support  District Office 
Scott, Annica Grade 7 Red Teacher & Dean of Students Lunenburg Middle School 
Shea, Lori  School Psychologist  District Office 
Sheasgreen, Timothy Grade 7 Red Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Sheehy, Sandra Tutor Lunenburg Middle School 
Sheldon, Geoffrey  Music/Band/Chorus Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Short, Eric  Math Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Siciliano, Pat  Special Services Tutor Lunenburg Primary School 
Sieling, Mary PreK/K Speech/Language Lunenburg Primary School 
Small, Heather  Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Smith, Deborah Music Teacher Primary & Turkey Hill Elem Schools 
Smith, Karen Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Smith, Lyndsi  Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Smith, Michael Grade 5 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Snape, Kirsten  Kindergarten Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Sobecky, Nina Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Sodano, John Study Hall Tutor Lunenburg High School 
Spadafino, Brian  Principal  Lunenburg High School 
Spadafino, Brian Athletic Director (Acting) Lunenburg High School 
Sparks, Justin  Grade 2 Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Stadler, Jennifer Special Services Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Stateler, Tina  Special Services Lunenburg Middle School 
Stevenson, Warren  Social Studies Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
St. Jean, Marc  Custodial Staff Lunenburg High School 
Sullivan, Martha  Grade 8 Teacher  Lunenburg Middle School 
Swenson, Katie  Music Teacher (part-time) Lunenburg Primary School 
Szocik-Maillet, Lisa Special Services Lunenburg High School 
Tata, Karen  Office Clerk Lunenburg Primary School 
Tedesco, Virginia Special Services Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Therrien, Nicole  Physical Ed./Health Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Tierney, Kelly  Art Teacher (part-time) Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Tousignant, Karma  Grades 6 & 7 Guidance  Lunenburg Middle School 
Truax, Robert  Math Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Tsiakalos, Eleni  Cafeteria  Lunenburg High School 
Ulf, Maribeth Grade 8 Tutor Lunenburg Middle School 
Vallee, Pamela  Library Media Specialist & G Suite for Education Administrator Lunenburg High & Middle Schools 
Walker, Jessica Special Services Teacher Lunenburg High School 
Wardwell, Caryn  Music Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Warren, Robin Art Teacher Lunenburg Middle School 
Waterman, Kelly  1:1 Paraprofessional Lunenburg Middle School 
Whipple, Victoria Library Media Specialist Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Whitaker, Mary  Grade 8 Teacher  Lunenburg Middle School 
Witham, Heather Grade 4 Teacher Turkey Hill Elementary School 
Withers, Michelle  Grade 1 Special Services Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Wyld, Laura District ELL Teacher District Office 
Xarras, Laurie  Achieve Lunenburg Primary School 
Young, Mary BCBA District Office 
Yourk, Tammy  Foreign Language Teacher  Lunenburg High School 
Zivojinovic, Debra  Kindergarten Teacher Lunenburg Primary School 
Zrate, Officer Sean School Resource Officer District Office 
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